Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are we ready to die for freedom?

This question was raised on a morning talk show and it was in the context of the willingness of terrorists to die for their cause. Their cause? Eliminate freedom by killing innocent men, woman, and children that will not submit to Islam and Sharia law. The discussion was how Americans of this generation are surrounded in luxury and have had little experience in defending freedom or facing such a determined and politically savvy enemy. Yes there have been wars, but right here in our own country we have been consumed with ignoring the fact that others are trying to deny our freedoms, destroy our way of life, and willing to kill us for their cause.

We seem consumed with political correctness where it is frowned upon to criticize the ideas of a black presidential candidate (even though it is his radical left ideology that is being criticized. Not his skin color), offend a Muslim, or disagree with gay “marriage”; freedom of thought is under attack. The enemies of freedom and our Nation use this information to advance their causes.

Nancy Pelosi, “leader” of the House is considering the reintroduction of the “Fairness Doctrine” to squash the free speech on the talk radio circuit because most people that speak or listen to talk radio disagree with her and her radical left agenda. Notice the title of the legislation. If you are not paying attention it sounds perfectly understandable to be “fair”. Our enemies know how lazy we have become in defending freedom, and their tactic is to wrap censorship in an acceptable package and we will “buy” it. Stop criticism and free speech, and you have a clear path to destroying the institutions of this nation.

The Islamic terrorists are using our system against us as well. They know we have a faction of people here, (like Nancy Pelosi) that will be their advocates against common sense proposals that undermine the effectiveness of the terrorists. They know that because of political correctness we will not stop the recruiting of prisoners for the radical Islamic Jihad in our prisons. The terrorists know that profiling has become taboo even though it is the most effective tool we have to narrow down the likelihood of someone being a terrorist. They have sophisticated PR campaigns that try to paralyze the people that are standing in the way of their cause. Simply listening in on known terrorist calls from a Middle Eastern country has become a huge discussion in our political institutions. Most Americans agree we should do it but the argument is that our government will abuse that power and listen in on your calls. It is a Red Herring and they know it. But it is fueled by a desire to bring down the defenses of this country.

At some point in our lifetime we will be faced with the question; is it time to take up arms against an out of control government or a government that has been paralyzed by ineffective leaders? I hope I’m wrong here, but the next few elections will determine the need for the question. Will the American people be ready to die for freedom like our founders and countless others were? If we continue to allow this drip campaign against America along with the continued assault on American values by our incompetent education system to continue, I fear the answer will be no. There have been a lot of great patriots willing to fight for the American cause; and die. Are we willing to do the same? Will we have to?

The best way to defend America is to speak and learn the truth about our enemies. Whether they are Islamic terrorists trying to kill us, or politicians looking to use our system against us to gain further power and control over our lives and destiny, we must be aware. We don’t have the luxury of ignorance any more. Our enemies are closing in and if we don’t stop it now, we will have to take up arms instead of changing it through the power a free people have; the ballot box. Just a thought…

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Rich, if you can or if you feel like it, please link to My Flanders Fields' post that I have in my sidebar. We need to get this around the internet. Thank you. Let me know how I can help you later as the election gets closer.