Monday, June 9, 2008

If We Are To Survive We Must Act…

This is a MUST READ article, written by Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite columnists and thinkers. Iran has stated they are going to kill us, and one of our presidential candidates wants to “talk” to our assassins first. The next 4 years will be critical for our nation’s survival or Iran’s. Who will survive intact is the question.

Hitler expressed the same disdain for the west and our culture in the 1930’s, and history tells us what he did. The appeasers then, like many of our politicians today and especially Obama, want to repeat the same mistake. The only thing that Iran and the Islamic terrorists understand is definitive action. Words are used as a weapon against the west. We value words and agreements between parties, they don’t. They use this understanding of us as a weapon against us; period.

Unless we take the threats from Iran and others seriously enough to take action, their plan continues to work in their favor. It buys time, knowledge, and nukes. We will be defeated at the table of negotiation because we will be alone there, while the bombs start dropping on western targets. And history, if there is any then, will tell us that the strategy used by our enemy was the knowledge that they knew we would do anything we could to stall action against them.

We must act; period!

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Anonymous said...

I'm becoming so disallusioned with our country's politicians & more importantly with the populace. Instead of dialing for dollars for individual think tanks, moderates & conservatives should be buying time on TV to show the dangers our country is facing from terrorists. Network new's shows, have their heads in the sand, and report their version of world events in 30 second sound bites. This is what voters hear. Middle Eastern countries are trying to go nuclear, followed by some Congressional committee is looking to investigate whatever, how can a voter make an informed decision when so little time is spent explaining what problems are facing the USA? I just feel hatred of GWB has taken our eye off the most important place in our lives, The USA.