Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Free Speech Under Attack…

A Canadian magazine is being sued by a Muslim group for an article they say was “mocking and biting”, whatever that means? We here in the US still have the first amendment protections but they are slowly being chipped away by elitists, leftists, and groups like the one suing the Canadian magazine.

We better take the right to criticize government, and groups that we disagree with, regardless of political correctness, very seriously. We also need to understand how dangerous it is to have thought police, hate speech police, or any government Gestapo with the ability to arbitrarily throw us in jail because we “offended” someone with words.

The left is the real danger. The people who advocate for hate laws, and regularly criticize conservatives for being intolerant are truly the intolerant. Our government has become too big, intrusive, and dangerous.

We must reduce the role of government in our lives and celebrate individuals again. Don’t take it for granted. We are the only nation left that values individual freedom over government control. But we need to protect it; always…

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