Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama = Carter

The windfall profits tax, taxing the “rich”, weak on defense, a lack of understanding of American values, talking with terrorist, and a stature of weakness are all commonalities of Obama and Carter.

We can’t afford an Obama now, or ever. This is America and we need another Reagan. McCain is no Reagan but at least he understands the threat of terrorists to this nation. He will continue George Bush’s greatest legacy which is keeping America safe from the people that want to slit our throats.

They don’t want to slit our throats because of George Bush - which is what the left implies - they want to slit our throats because of our American values. The terrorists like Obama because Obama seems to despise the things about America that the terrorists do.

He despises Americans faith in the individual over a collective government; he despises corporation’s ability to make a profit, he despises the fact that we can speak out about him and our government, and he is embarrassed by American pride.

Most Americans are proud to be American. We see ourselves as the source of good in this world, endowed by our creator with inalienable rights; willing to protect the world from the likes of terrorists and despot’s; using our military to insure fair commerce between nations without extortion of those that would; he despises American’s instinctive reluctance to allow too much government control of anything; he would not wear an American flag pin; will he pledge allegiance? Will he protect our nation? Will he represent what America stands for?

The Carter years were a disgrace. That is why Carter has been spending the remainder of his years trying to create another legacy, because his presidential legacy can be summed up in one word; failure.

Do we need to take the Obama path of change? Change to where? Change to what? What is his definition of change? If he wants to change the way American’s feel about America that is change we don’t need. If he wants to change the way our economy relies on the ingenuity of individuals that is change we don’t need. If he wants to decimate our military capabilities, that is change we can’t afford. If he wants to change our system of merit to one of equality of outcome, that is change for the worse.

So what does Obama mean by change? If he wants to take us back to the Carter policies of the 70’s that is a change that will ruin America; again. Listen closely to Obama, and what he doesn’t say in his “glorious” rhetoric. There isn’t an ounce of substance, never mind an ounce of pride in anything he says. He is an empty vessel waiting to be guided by the forces that despise America. He is a Trojan Horse for the forces that despise the rights of you and me. I ask you to listen closely. God I miss Reagan…

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rob said...

Every word of this essay is TRUE. You have distilled into a few words why Obama is poison for America.
God help us if Obama is given power over us.