Monday, June 23, 2008

Another “do-gooder” lefty calls for Gestapo tactics…

The world’s “leading” scientist on global warming (leading is used loosely; he was the first one idolized by the left media) is calling on the government to prosecute oil executives for speaking out against global warming. So much for a healthy debate on the issue or the tons of evidence that disputes his claims.

You see, the left knows better and evidence is irrelevant when it gets in the way of their agenda. Even if the evidence is wrong, cleaning up the environment is worth doing; at any cost. These people are so angry that they have to even listen – to us or anyone that disagrees with them. It ticks them off that peons like us would have the nerve to dispute their premise. My God who are we?

He will tell the House that he is 99% sure now that his predictions are true. Well I guess that ends the debate. If he is 99% sure, why would we question anything? I am 99% sure the left leaning politicians in this country are ruining it, so let’s put them in jail. I could probably whip up a couple of supporters to validate my argument. Oh, that’s right, I’m not a lefty. I’m one of those know nothing peons. I keep forgetting. I should just shut up and let the people that know about this stuff lead the country to ruin.

The left is the new communist movement. They truly believe that the people are the problem, not their ideas and policies. You be the judge…

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