Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A War for the Soul of America

Make no mistake; this election is a front in the war for the soul of America. And it is most apparent in the race for congressional seats, the senate, and ultimately the Supreme Court. Unfortunately at the presidential level there is not much hope for those of us that believe our government is out of control. Although McCain is the lesser of two “evils”, he is not a leader willing to fight in the war against America’s “soul”. McCain has been in government too long, and he represents everything wrong with a political “career”. He has an impressive military career but it is time to move over for new leadership.

When the voters vote this year they will be deciding if the core principles of our founding constitution are still worth fighting for, and living by. The left represented by most democrats are insistent that America is the problem. Our structure of government, our capitalist economy, according to the left, has been selfish and too focused on individuals rather than the world community. We are wasting the “world’s” resources to indulge in an America they consider selfish. They believe that individuals must be checked by a supreme “Supreme Court”. In other words they believe the will of a few, is more important than a government given power by the governed. In more other words, they are elitist and believe we, mostly conservative citizens, are too stupid to govern ourselves. In other, other, words, they believe in dictatorship by committee.

This implementation of a dictatorship by committee can only happen when an electorate is ignorant, apathetic, or believes that it can never happen here in the US. The ignorance is happening because the left has controlled our education system which no longer teaches American history, culture, or its greatness. The apathy comes when people believe they have no impact on an election even if they vote. This has been achieved by the two parties controlling the access of candidates to the ballot. People take our system of government for granted. They forget about all of the blood that has been spilled to maintain a system of self rule. Americans forget that we are a very young, experimental system, which has never succeeded anywhere else in the world with the results we have achieved.

This election could change that delicate experiment “overnight”. The left ignores the constitution at their convenience and at our peril, while we ignore the implications of what they have done. They reference “global” law; they talk about a “living” constitution, and nominate judges that hate America, and what we stand for. It will not take long if we have a leftist radical president, supported by a leftist radical congress, ruled by a leftist out of control dictatorship at the Supreme Court.

How we win this war against the soul of America is to pay attention to politics. Vote for conservatives and independents that believe in the constitution and are proud of this nation, not “moderate” republicans or democrats. Ask politicians why we should support more government control as the left does, when what we get for results is; chaos and failure. Get involved and search for alternative candidates. Read and analyze what is truly happening. Go beyond the headlines and promises.

Make no mistake; this is a war. It is a war to preserve what we know we have been blessed with; the greatest system of government, the most generous people, the hope and beacon for the rest of the world. We are worth fighting for…

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Anonymous said...

Every statement you have made is so true. Somehow, the American people have to be made aware, that their vote is as important for the type of gov't they want as their vote for American Idol.