Monday, May 5, 2008

Doug Lamborn gets a grade of 100% from ACU…

The American Conservative Union gave a grade of 100% to Doug Lamborn (Rep CD 5 Colorado) for his lock step approach voting record in congress. What this tells me loud and clear is that Doug can be counted on to follow his way through congress. I expect Doug to vote the right way on conservative issues, but he is part of the fundamental problem in congress.

Where is his leadership? Where is his passion about changing a broken down system that is bankrupting our country? Where is his legislation to change the way congress doesn’t work? And I don’t want to hear that “freshman” have limited power. If they do; what are you doing to change the system, rock the boat, leading change?

I want to see legislation that caps congressional pay; period. I want to see legislation that eliminates any retirement benefits for legislators. I want to see a turnover in congress every 6 years at the most. I want to see American’s that know how America works to start getting into the process of running this government. I want to see the government moved closer to the people, not further away.

Doug Lamborn is the perfect representative for today’s congress. A person that has no vision but is easily moved to support any program labeled “conservative”. And the sad thing is so many people are buying what he and the two Political Parties are selling. Scare people with the issues and ignore the fact that the entire structure of the government is broken. We have too many representatives in congress that have sold the soul of America to the highest bidder. We need a new type of representative that has experience in life to tell all the lobbyists to take a back seat.

It is time to put the issues that will make a difference in the long term to the front bench.
· Reform the congress to get true representatives elected not party hacks.
· End retirement benefits for all Federal legislators.
· Reduce the time spent in Washington to limit the damage they can do while in DC.
· Move our country closer to the founding principles of this great nation.

This is not a personal attack on Doug. I’m sure is a fine man as far as men go. But we can’t sit back and allow our nation to continue down a path of bigger government, less individual participation, and economic disaster because he has a grade of 100% from a conservative group.

We need leaders in this nation with a burning in their belly to make a real difference. Not a person that can be counted on to do their bidding in DC.

Wake up conservatives; we need to find leadership and send it to DC to fix it; not endorse it. The congress is broken, the party system is broken, and they want us to continue to send them back to do more of what they are doing. Let’s give them a grade of F and move on. Let’s take back our government; now…

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Anonymous said...

You are so right with your interpretation of how Congress is operating. It has come down to a representative being arrested and both parties say, in so many words, what's the big deal the others did the same thing. DC is a party town & most follow the leadership & the money, their ideals go by the wayside to the detriment of their constituents.