Thursday, August 2, 2012

Advice to our Youth

The news is grim for recent college grads, current college students, and any young individuals with limited skills in today’s job market. Long gone are the days when employers couldn’t fill positions and they were knocking down the doors of anyone with a warm pulse and a degree. In this economy there are very few degrees that warrant even a look from employers.

The problem is as an employer, do you take a chance on a young inexperience worker or do you hire the veteran with 20 years of experience? When unemployment is low and the job market strong, experienced employees command higher rates and become more in demand. It also opens up the door for some employers who may be willing to take a chance on a new employee because they can’t afford another seasoned and highly qualified employee.

The reality of today’s job market and weak economy is that highly skilled employees are cheaper and more abundant therefore taking all of the available jobs in the market. For a new graduate to compete they have to be much cheaper and more creative in their job search. But even that may not land a job for a recent graduate.

My advice is that you start looking at why the job market is so weak and what you can do to change it. My advice is you read a few economic books and start with Milton Friedman, Walter Williams, and Thomas Sowell. Once you understand how the economy works and the impact the government has on the economy then take a look at the two presidential candidates.

What you will find if you learned anything about analytical thought throughout your educational experience, is that the government policies of the current administration are the reason you are unemployed. Increased debt, increased regulation, higher healthcare costs due to the new healthcare law, are all stagnating the job market.

My advice is you put aside the emotional arguments and look at only the facts. And the facts are that what Mitt Romney is proposing to do will stimulate the job market by reducing the footprint of the federal government. It is in your best interest to vote for Mitt Romney if you want to move out of your parent’s house and get on with your life…

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