Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Just Don’t Get It

How can anyone support this current president? When I look at what is happening to our country because of the policies of this president, increased debt and deficit, the assault on freedom, the demonization of the private sector, crony capitalism, governing by executive order, and the lies. So many lies that it makes your head spin; I can’t get my head around it!

Still people that should be smarter than that support this president. I just don’t get it. I wish people could just step back from the us and them for a moment and be pure American. I wish people would just read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and compare what is happening today in contrast to the intent of our founders and reasons for our unparalleled wealth. I think people that support Obama are emotional, feel good people that have some sort of guilt complex. There is no other answer.

The “war on woman” issue is a big hoax. Free birth control, abortions, and mammograms, really? Think about it guys and gals, the Federal Government has no place in our personal lives. In a free nation we must insist that our federal government reduce their footprint, not expand it. Obamacare is an attack on freedom in so many ways. Your grandmother needs a hip at 92, otherwise healthy, will be denied that hip once a federal healthcare program is in place. It will become a game of numbers. If the taxpayer is paying for healthcare it will be rationed because it will be an inefficient monopoly with limited funds and therefore will be rationed or it will bankrupt us. We need to pay for our own care so we can control it.

There is absolutely no evidence of government success. Every story about government is about corruption, cronyism, fraud, abuse, inefficiency, and still people question the private sector and capitalism? There are some stories of private abuse but the market takes care of abuse by choosing another company and putting them out of business. Can you choose another government agency? Of course not it is a monopoly staffed by some of the most incompetent crony hires. Not all but many people that work in large federal agencies are counting the days until their lavish pensions kick in. We need to put these people out of their misery by reducing federal agencies. It is the compassionate thing to do. Give those people the opportunity to bring meaning back to their life.

The black community has been devastated by government programs. The education system has been devastated by government incompetence. The economy has been destroyed by federal regulation, debt, and taxes. When will we learn that if we reduce the federal government by 50% those savings will translate into economic activity that can result in new ideas and businesses that can lead to full employment again? We need to count on the individual again.

Why do people put faith in government? The government has not been the reason for our success. Every time a president reduces government regulation, taxes, and cost, the country thrives. We have wealth because of the private sector not roads and bridges. Please, roads and bridges? Come on folks think about it?

If you are going to vote for Barrack Obama you have lost all credibility. You have failed. Your education was meaningless, you critical thinking skills are nil, and you have failed your children if you have them. I am sorry but your emotion is not an argument against the facts.

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