Thursday, August 9, 2012

Israel Must Be Ready

“The entire equation in the Middle East will change” when Iran has developed a nuclear weapon, according to Hezbollah MP. Basically what he says in this interview is that once Iran has a nuclear weapon it will be used to annihilate Israel.

I am baffled that Israel has not attacked Iran but that may mean they know where the Iranian nuclear program stands at this point. My instinct is that when they are too close for comfort an attack will ensue. It is a matter of survival for Israel.

I fear we have a current administration that supports the enemies of Israel more than Israel itself and it will be a great relief to Israel if Mitt Romney is elected in November. I don’t believe Americans in general believe the rhetoric of the enemies of Israel and shrug it off as hyperbole and political posturing. But if there is one thing we know from history is when madmen state their intentions you must take them at face value.

I have no doubt that Israel will do what is necessary to survive but it would sure be much more comforting to have Romney in the White House to ensure support once they do attack. We should be involved but at a minimum we should have Israel’s back. That is what America does for its friends.

If the enemies of Israel want to stop Israel from attacking them they should change their rhetoric, soon…

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