Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan: Issues It Is…

The biggest issues we face as a nation on the brink of fiscal collapse will be brought to light in this campaign, and it can be attributed to the choice of Paul Ryan as the GOP VP. This choice shows Mitt Romney is going to go head on with the democrats, and this nation will have a real choice in November. It will be a telling election. That is not to say the democrats will not lie about what the Ryan budget is truly trying to do. They will lie and demonize Ryan at every opportunity they have.

Paul Ryan’s budget is a realistic path to getting back to fiscal discipline. It addresses every aspect of the federal budget including the entitlements. The big efforts to demonize Ryan will come at his Medicare line item - even though his budget plan is designed to save it. The truth is Medicare is doomed if nothing is done and the Ryan budget is an effort to save the program. For people 55 and older they will get what the government promised. The rest of us will have a different system but I am good with a new design that will not bankrupt us. The Romney/Ryan mantra needs to be “We are going to Save Medicare!”

Mitt Romney is a venture capitalist and Ryan’s propensity to design a budget with solid numbers is what attracted Mitt. I have worked with VC people and they are all about numbers. Nothing gets done if the numbers don’t work and that’s how the private sector operates. It should be how the government operates as well, and with Romney/Ryan we have a real opportunity to limit the federal government and bring back real hope and change to Washington DC.

Ryan is young and enthusiastic and will energize Mitt to be an even better candidate. Ryan’s family looks like a wonderful crew and he has a wholesome Wisconsin background that people will be able to relate to. Unlike the two current occupants in the presidency and vice presidency, America can relate to these two American traditionalists who believe in the constitution, free markets, family values, and fiscal responsibility. A real awakening in America is coming; it will be a move to bring back the principles that have made us great, the US Constitution. These two will make us Reagan proud again! The Reagan revolution V.2 is on its way. This country is poised for a fantastic turnaround in November.

Ryan is a really good choice. He will energize the ticket and make the arguments easy to understand for fiscal discipline. He will be a great advisor to Romney. The White House will be like a CEO and CFO team bringing us from the brink of bankruptcy and giving us hope as a nation again. These two will not be content to manage a slow decline of this country. They are here to bring optimism to the American people again. And that is just what America needs right now…

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