Thursday, August 30, 2012

Division, Race & “White Guilt”: Obama’s Only Hope…

I have never suffered from “White Guilt”, a disease that festers in so many liberals. It must be my upbringing and the fact I went to school in New York City and was a minority in my school. I spent my HS years in classrooms full of diversity, and as a minority in the classroom, I can empathize with the feelings that come from those situations. But I can also say that every American has an opportunity to succeed if they make good choices.

Too many Black Americans, and too many White Americans, continue to play into the hands of divisive politicians that preach they are there to help, but in fact they have no intention of helping. They are only there for votes. The race industry is a very lucrative industry for both black and white politicians. By dividing the people into racial categories they foster distrust amongst the races. They use fear and envy to keep the races divided for the purpose of staying in power.

President Obama has run a campaign that is designed to divide people by race, gender, and economic status. His only plan for America is taxing the rich as if that is a plan that will solve America’s problems. He is a man that is empty of ideas so he has to use the only strategies left, divide people, and then play on guilt and envy.

The guilt strategy is played out by labeling any criticism of his presidency a reflection of racial hatred of the man. The president’s surrogate’s talk about “code words” like welfare, cutting government programs, and balancing the budget as “evidence” that white people are still racist. These liberals believe most white Americans see everything through the prism of race without providing a shred of evidence. When in fact they are the ones that are perpetuating racial animosity because they feel guilty for being white and that slavery, though repudiated, still makes them feel uncomfortable because slave owners in this country were white. Therefore in their eyes, all whites need to repent for slavery even though the majority of whites never owned or supported slavery. The way to repent is to support the first black man to become president even though this man is a failure.

White Americans have been painted by this president and his supporters as racists for one reason and one reason only; reelection. They are hoping to play on this deep rooted guilt about slavery to garner votes. The American people have moved on from this guilt because America has provided minorities with years and years of government programs designed to help level the playing field. What the president and his supporters in the media don’t realize is the guilt has now given way to a feeling of anger. They are tired and angry at people that call them racist. After all of these years of supporting programs to help poor Americans, that include Black Americans, the American people are now saying it is time to stand on your own. If any person is poor in America today, it is due to a series of poor choices by individuals. Opportunity is available to every American, and individuals need to be held accountable not enabled when they make poor choices. Truly needy people are the exception but generational poverty is no longer a life style most Americans are willing to support.

The envy of success has been an effective strategy of this president to a degree, but again people are smart enough to know that success is what pays for our compassion. Successful people are charitable people, and support the many charities and church programs that help the less fortunate. They also take the risks that create jobs. Jobs are what people want, and successful people are the reason jobs are created, and the candidate that is most trusted to have a plan about jobs will be the winner in this election. The people have seen socialism and know that bringing our people to the lowest common denominator by punishing success has no resemblance to the American Dream.

Dividing people into groups, white guilt and envy is all the president has left. He has no plan for the future to help people make a better life for themselves. He has played all of his cards and the American people are calling the bluff.  There is no place for guilt and envy in America today. We need to come together as one America behind a leader that knows the greatness of America…

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