Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is this what "pro-choice" has come to?

I have seen many comments by democrats painting every conservative with a broad brush in the Akin debacle and asking: “how can people support this guy?” I don’t support this guy Akin in the least. Rape is rape and any other explanation is asinine to argue. The principled argument of punishing an innocent life for something a criminal did is an argument to be had. But Akin’s comments are not defendable.

But here is my question for all of you self-righteous democrats crowing about a woman’s right to choose: How can you support a guy that believes leaving an innocent human being, on a cold slab to die, after a botched abortion is acceptable and not evil? Well that is what President Obama believes and has supported as a US Senator. So where is the outrage?

So think hard about an asinine remark compared to a guy supporting legislation to let innocent babies die a cold cruel death. Are you proud of this? How do you defend this? How can you vote for such evil? Answer that and then we can talk about Akin.

I ask you: Is this really what “pro-choice” people support?


Sen. Obama’s controversial history with the ‘Born Alive’ legislation

The Born Alive Infant Protection Act drew a firm line in the sand—no killing innocent humans after they have been born. It was a line Illinois State Sen. Barack Obama refused to accept.

  • Obama voted four times against legislation to protect and care for infants accidentally born alive during late-term abortions. The carefully worded bill had no effect on abortion rights.
  • A federal version of the bill passed Congress in 2002 without a single dissenting vote.
  • For four years, Obama has said that he would have voted for the federal version because it contained a pre-birth "neutrality clause" the Illinois legislation lacked. When this claim was questioned, he said his critics were "lying."
  • New documents show that Obama voted on a version identical to the federal bill, which included the so-called "neutrality clause. " He voted against it.

Babies left to die

In Illinois, witnesses discovered that living babies were being left to die following a certain abortion procedure. In this procedure, called induced labor abortion, the pregnant woman is given drugs to dilate the cervix and induce contractions, forcing the premature baby out of the uterus. Sometimes the baby is born dead (killed by the force of the contractions) but other times the infant is born alive—a "live-birth abortion."

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