Friday, February 24, 2012

The Incompetence Tax

It is happening all around us every day prices rising. Whether its gas, food, or the price of a product like a car, we pay a tax on incompetence. It happens mostly in the government but you can trace the price of a car to factors in the private management of companies as well. For example, when executive management agrees to ridiculous union wages and then approves ridiculous bonuses rewarding their incompetence, we pay a higher price for a car.

If you have been to the grocery store lately, it seems no matter how many items you purchase you can’t get out of the store for under $100. A full shop can set you back a couple of hundred bucks. And it isn’t going to stop. Transporting food to the store has sky rocketed due to fuel prices. Read my previous post on the cost of the incompetence tax being placed on gas.

The fools in our government, many of them have never run a business; continue to grow government at a pace we can’t sustain. Their actions and inactions are placing additional costs on us every day. By not allowing oil and gas companies to drill on federal land is adding to the cost of gas. Allowing the Keystone pipeline would also have an impact on prices in the future at the same time adding jobs now.  All of the loans being handed to “green” energy simply to pay off donors have all gone bankrupt or are in the process of going bankrupt. They are costing us a fortune in taxes. By allowing the OPEC cartels to continue to drive our markets is inexcusable. We need to reform the markets for energy to limit the ability for the Middle East to monopolize the markets.

The increasing government regulations in the healthcare and insurance markets are driving the costs to where most families are going to start going without insurance. Many already have. Total government incompetence.

In this election cycle we need to vet every candidate and decide on whether or not they pass the competence test. We need business people and term limits. We also need to limit the time representatives stay in Washington. We need a total sweep of the congress and the White House to eliminate the tax we have endured due to total incompetence!

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