Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The 1% Crap Has to Stop!

We can envy the very rich and waste our life away or we can focus on our own lives and live a successful happy life. To envy is to under estimate our own capability and offers an excuse for failure. The 1% in this country are not stopping anyone else from being successful. If you are not successful it is because of you.

Politicians need “boogey men” and the rich are the Democrats favorite boogey man. It is a deflection from the bankrupt policies they support and have implemented over the past 3 years. The expansion of the Federal Government is what is impeding the economic success we have had prior to the Obama years.

There is no “new normal” for this economy as some economists suggest. Unless we re-elect this President there is hope again for a robust economy and the opportunity for everyone in this country that wants to be successful to be successful.

We used to use the success of rich people as an example of what is possible in our country. When did that change? It hasn’t for me but I hear it all too often how the “rich keep getting richer.” Of course they do, they know how to be successful. Just because they are getting richer does not mean someone else is getting poorer. If you are getting poorer you may want to assess what you are doing wrong.

I want a President that understands the way to make every American successful is to reduce dependency and the influence of government in people’s lives. I don’t want someone telling me the rich need to pay more. Why? How is that going to help people become successful? It will not. It may make some feel good, but not smart people…

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