Sunday, February 5, 2012

Newt has Shown No Class…

I don’t care what excuse Newt uses for his losses but he can’t be excused for being a sore loser and whiner. Have some class Newt and congratulate the winner.

Newt explains his losses are the result of a campaign built on lies about him, but what does he think Obama and the Democrats are going to say in the general election campaign? Mitt is using kid gloves compared to what Obama is going to use. Newt is showing us why people are concerned about him as the candidate. Yes we want a fighter, but we don’t want a whiner.

Conservatives are luke warm on Romney but Mitt has shown some promise when he gets passionate during his victory speeches. Mitt can be helped by conservatives to be more passionate about conservatism. I don’t believe Mitt isn’t conservative, I believe he has spent so much time in New England where conservatism is mocked on a daily basis. I lived there for many years and you tend to bite your tongue or you would have no social life. I am not saying you abandon your principles but you learn when to use them for the most effective result.

Mitt is learning that the rest of the country is proud of conservatism and wants a fighter for the cause. He seems to be coming around and that is a good thing. Newt has kept Mitt on his toes and is making him a better general election candidate. But Newt needs to show some class. Newt is being out campaigned, Mitt is raising more funds which are a necessary evil to win a campaign, and Mitt is showing class. Newt should follow suit.

Newt also needs to realize he may not be the conservative choice as many polls are showing. We want a winner for the general election. Newt at this point has shown he can’t take the heat when the scrutiny of his past is put on display. He is being tested for a general election campaign and he is failing. And he is failing to show any class which is a real indicator of the man’s character.

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