Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lies and Passion

President Obama is in full campaign mode and he is passionately preaching his efforts to “fight for the middle class, bring manufacturing jobs back in the US, fairness, and the notion that everyone must pay their fair share” speaking as if he is an innocent bystander. The most concerning thing is the ease in which this president can tell a lie. And he lies with a passion that can fool the casual observer.

It is hard to beat a president that is willing to lie especially when the press doesn’t hold him accountable the same way they hold the GOP candidates in the race accountable. This president’s policies are decimating the middle class. This president’s idea of “paying their fair share” is asking the people that already pay the majority of taxes in this country to pay even more. Nearly 50% of people in this country pay no Federal tax beyond the payroll tax which is a pass through to Social Security and Medicare, and some even get money back that they never paid in. So “fair share” is anything but fair. This presidents “fair share” is actually punishing the successful for being successful and rewarding laziness and incompetence by taking those tax dollars and subsidizing failure.

This president talks about supporting manufacturing at the same time he punishes them with burdensome over regulation and subsidizes companies that he believes “deserve” subsidies like “green” companies. Even though every “green” company he has supported is either bankrupt and out of business or going out of business due to no market demand for “green” technology. This directly hurts legitimate companies that don’t get subsidies in the market. It also burdens tax payers with more debt and higher fuel prices.

The price of gas has gone up 183% during this president’s term due to his unwillingness to allow companies to build pipelines or drill for domestic oil. This hurts the middle class the most and is the highest hidden tax we face today. How is that fighting for the middle class Mr. President?

This president talks about how he “cut taxes for the middle class” with the payroll “tax cut”. It is not a tax cut - it is a temporary holiday from putting money into the Social Security system and Medicare account. It is as if you temporarily stopped having 10% taken out of your paycheck for your 401K account. You have more money in your paycheck but when you retire you have less money in your account to retire on. Somewhere along the way the money either gets put back in or you have less money to retire on or in the case of Social Security more money will need to be borrowed from the Chinese.

This president is a great campaigner loaded with passion and convincing lies. He is going to say whatever he needs to for his re-election and he will not be scrutinized by the media. It is going to take a strong GOP candidate and each of us to hold him accountable. I am worried because all of the GOP candidates are not as passionate as I want them to be. And the media is in full re-election mode for this president.

It is going to take every ounce of energy we have to win this campaign. I hope we are up to it!

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