Monday, February 20, 2012

The Myth of a Less Confrontational Political Past

In light of President’s Day, I started thinking about the books I have read on the founding and early presidents. The political landscape in which many of our greatest presidents accomplished the most was during great opposition. The founding days of our great nation were anything but collaborative or bi-partisan. Many a political argument ended in a duel with dead bodies. Not the collaboration so many pundits suggest we find in our political environment today.

We hear commentators say “I wish these politicians could just do what’s right for the country” almost on a daily basis. The dirty little secret is that most of them think what they are doing is good for the country. It is sad but true, that Harry Reid believes it is best that they don’t pass a budget for the political future of this country. He believes by doing so it will help more democrats get elected and that will make it easier to keep going in the direction he wants for the country. I would rather see a duel myself!

The one thing you can say about Obama is he is moving his agenda forward in spite of the critics. For those of us that believe it is the wrong direction we want him stopped. But for his supporters they are behind him 100%. Elections matter and the 2012 election will be the only way to stop this president.

I believe Washington, Jefferson, and Reagan were the greatest presidents. They all put country first and respected the Constitution. The rest, well I won’t bore you. But one thing I pray for is a prodigy of one of these three great presidents to show up in 2012. So far the field is quite disappointing!

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