Thursday, February 2, 2012

Romney’s Right: We Don’t Collectively Care About the Poor…

If we did we would not be treating them to handouts, we would be incentivizing self-reliance (see my post below Teach a Man to Fish).

This entire analysis of Mitt’s remarks is why no one trusts the media anymore. Mitt’s intended remarks were aimed at letting the middle class know he will implement policies to help them by getting government out of their way. The poor have a billion shackles (government programs) to make sure no one starves but more importantly, so no one succeeds.

Mitt is focusing on the class of people that have not fallen into the trap the democrats have set, government handouts, and still want to provide for their own family. He is right to target that class. The sad aspect is the way the media is trying to portray his remark “I am not concerned about the very poor…” as an out of touch comment from a very rich man. The reality is Mitt donates more to charity and the poor than all of the democrats in congress and the main stream media combined! I am not sure if that is a fact but Mitt gives millions and millions to charity. What has Obama given to charity in comparison?

Who is more concerned about the poor, a man that believes private churches and charities are more effective to help the poor therefore he gives millions to support that belief, or a man that continues to steal other people’s money through confiscatory tax policy to chain the poor to failing programs?

I will take Mitt all day long…

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