Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Can Sense it, Something is Not Right…

We are in for a rude awakening. You can feel it coming just like in the movies where things seem to be heading out of control right before a crisis. The country is going bankrupt and John McCain is calling for us to support “rebels” in Syria with more bombs and devastation. Our involvement will only come back to bite us and a question for John McCain; how are you going to pay for it? We are tapped out. It is time to leave the Muslims in the Middle East to sort out their own problems. That is why energy policy is so important.

The price of gas is skyrocketing and what is the response of this President? “I wish they were not so high…” Hmmm that makes me feel confident he is on the job. Instead of worrying about what political commentators are saying about political activists, maybe the President should reconsider the Keystone Pipeline and open all federal lands to drilling. That would be a start. These gas prices are a not so hidden tax on the economy that goes straight to the Muslims in Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia who would love nothing more than our death and downfall.

The media is not covering any of the important issues with any zeal whatsoever. Unemployment is not going down, people searching for work is. We are seeing our country resetting expectations to the lowest common denominator under this president. He is spreading the misery instead of spreading opportunity. By continuing to punish wealth creators he is destroying the opportunities of the middle class. He has implemented policies that are drowning innovation and business startups. Regulations are strangling us to economic death. Just try opening up a lemonade stand or a taxi business and you will see what I mean.

Healthcare is dying. Religious liberty is under attack. Private insurance and hospitals will be converted to government bureaucracies if Obama is re-elected. And for all of you socialists it will not be for the better. Death Panels, benefit panels, and cost panels will begin to deny care, drugs, and new technologies at a breakneck speed if Obama is re-elected. We will be Europe or South America before the end of a second term. We are talking about paying for other people’s birth control when it is already “free” at any Planned Parenthood facility underwritten by our taxes. Why are we even discussing it? Because this President’s record on everything is dismal, and if people pay attention to his record, his re-election will be impossible. That is the reason behind the new mantra “War Against Women” the Republicans are supposedly engaged in. They are not. Their “war” is to unseat Obama.

Occupy “whatever” is planning chaotic demonstrations to defeat capitalism. The golden goose, capitalism, if defeated will mean the end of prosperity and America. These people are a minority but are receiving coverage that makes them seem like a majority. The good news is that gun sales have soared through the roof so I think many Americans are getting into the “Make my day” mode getting ready for these radicals. And that is what I mean by a “feeling”.

I heard a guy on the radio last night frustrated with all of this hypocrisy and double standards being practiced by the media and he was on the edge. I could feel for him and I have to say that the fuse is short for many hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens that have had enough. We have been playing by the “rules” but it seems the rules have changed. It could get ugly soon and it will be interesting to see how many people are ready to defend their country and constitution. Like I said there is something in the air and it doesn’t feel right…

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