Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rush to Judgment…

Rush Limbaugh had a bad week last week. I was away on my first cruise totally disconnected from the political world and I come back to find a big controversy buzzing around Rush. Well, there is always a left wing vulture circling the most effective conservative commentator in history because when you are as powerful and influential as Rush you are the big kill. You are the next “Watergate” to be taken down. You are the feather in the cap if successfully neutralized. As I watched the coverage on the way home I realized this was a bit more than usual.

What the left fails to understand is that attacking Rush for a poor choice of words may seem like blood in the water, but it is actually a battle cry for conservatives. Conservatives that support Rush would go to the front line of battle at the first request made by Rush. As a General in the conservative army he would command enough troops to take down this handful of pencil neck lefties in a heartbeat. Actually as we speak, there are 8 former advertisers in board rooms across America re-thinking their decision to abandon Rush. You see, when you abandon Rush you have abandoned 20 million consumers that would go to war with this man.

Rush has been at the front lines of the battle against liberals determined to take away our freedoms and constitutional rights. He has always been “controversial” to the left but he has always spoken clearly for the conservative American. He is representative of the majority of Americans that make this country great. We take an assault on Rush seriously. As every one of these advertisers will see, they have made a tactical error. Conservatives don’t scream from the rooftops, they act. Just like most conservatives will never buy a GM or Chrysler product again, these sponsors will see conservatives act with their market principles. We will stop considering their products and services just as many did with GM and Chrysler. We will not go around and sign petitions. We will just stop using the products.

The real answer to limiting the power of people you disagree with is to stop listening. I don’t listen to liberals because they are not very smart. I don’t boycott advertisers that advertise on the View, Bill Maher, Shultz, Maddow, etc… I just don’t listen. I don’t care where a sponsor chooses to advertise because in a free market both liberals and conservatives spend money. It is when a sponsor decides to make a political statement about a topic, show, or radio personality that gets them in trouble. By bowing to liberals and leaving the Rush Limbaugh show, they have made a political statement. Very bad move. They should have stayed neutral and released a statement that made clear they do not get involved in political debates and advertise on shows that cover every political spectrum because their customers are part of every political spectrum. Issue solved.

But now I will never buy a bouquet of flowers from 1-800 Flowers or use Carbonite back up services. The other sponsors will get the same treatment. They made a decision and I have made a decision. Rush is a good man in a cesspool of political debate every day. Dealing with liberals on the left is a test of a person’s character to stay calm cool and collected. We are all human and sometimes we get angry and use language we wish we could take back. I have done it more than once in my life.

The bigger issue is we are at war with people that want to destroy our country. Our current President is their leader. Rush points out the areas in which we are under attack and it is our responsibility as conservatives to react and change things where we can. Rush educates those that will listen on the effects of policy and regulation so we can make sound assessments for the next course of action. To allow these people to neutralize Rush is to wave a white flag and surrender our country and constitution. The left will find that that is something the conservative warrior will never do. We know our history and our rights. We have a beacon of truth leading the way. He will not be stopped by the enemy. That I can guarantee…

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