Monday, March 12, 2012

No Voter ID: Do Democrats Want to Vote for You?

Since when does asking someone for a photo ID represent an attempt at discrimination? When you ask the bartender for a drink at the airport they ask for your ID. When you choose to use a check at any grocery or retail store you are most likely going to be asked for a photo ID. In almost every aspect of life there is an expectation that we have an ID to validate we are who we say we are.

The Attorney General of the United States is suing a numberof states to stop them from implementing voter ID laws. He says it is a form of disenfranchisement and discrimination against minorities and people likely to vote for Democrats. Hmmm! Why would having a photo ID impact voters that lean democratic? Could it be that dead people have a hard time showing ID? Could it be that democrats tend to vote multiple times and if a photo ID is implemented it could put a damper on that practice?

In every state you can get a government issued photo ID at no charge. It takes a bit of initiative from the person that needs the ID but is it too much to ask a voter to do? In a representative republic, making the effort to vote is one of our responsibilities. And to be honest I don’t think a person unwilling to make the effort to get an ID should be able to vote. If you don’t think it’s that important to make the effort to get a photo ID to vote, you are probably not informed of the issues and I would rather you didn’t vote. I know that sounds strange to some but maintaining freedom and our constitution is a responsibility that must be taken seriously.

The future of our republic is on the line and we need to make sure that the integrity of our elections is intact. We can’t afford to allow dead people, illegal people, or people too lazy to get the credentials necessary to vote to undermine our country. Everyone that is legally eligible to vote has the ability to do so if they just make the effort. The next step will be democrats wanting to vote for people. Don’t laugh its coming…

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