Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GOP Endorsements

I normally could care less what another politician thinks in the election process. Their endorsements never make a difference in my choice of candidates that includes talk radio personalities like Rush, Mark, Sean, Hugh, Michael, Glenn, etc… I respect the fact that they have opinions and arguments that may persuade me on revisiting the issues with candidates but I like most conservatives make up my own mind.

The Jeb Bush endorsement is different in one way, it ensures we don’t have to deal with him as a candidate at a brokered convention. His support says to the voters that all of this talk about nominating him as a candidate is debunked. That is good news.

This endorsement is going to fuel the fire of Mitt being the “establishment” candidate because Jeb is definitely part of the establishment GOP. The problem is I don’t think Mitt is an “establishment” guy. I could be wrong and someday in the near future I hope Mitt has the opportunity to prove all of the conservatives who doubt him wrong. I think Mitt’s experience with troubled company balance sheets is going to take one look at the federal budget and start making the changes necessary for a balanced budget. He could go down in history as the president that saved this country from financial disaster. The risks are too big to ignore or put to the “out years” of the budget.

So as far as endorsements go I suggest that politicians keep them to themselves because thinking voters really don’t care. But for Jeb to come out now sends a message that it may be time for all of the Newt, Santorum, and supporters of a brokered convention to start to gel this process so we can start focusing this campaign on the Obama record. The longer we have to focus on the past three years the greater chance we have of taking back the next four…

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