Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Focused Electorate

The pundits keep suggesting that the GOP Presidential field is weak due to the lack of any candidate’s ability to break away from the pack. Well I see it another way. I believe the fact that voters are “shopping” for the “perfect” candidate shows a determined interest in the ousting of the current President. I also believe “low turnout” in the primaries is actually the result of people that know that whoever is nominated by the GOP will be their choice because for them it is anybody but Obama.

To suggest the GOP and Tea Party voters are not energized is to suggest these people that reversed the course of Obama in 2012 have somehow given up? Are you kidding? This silent majority is chomping on the bit to pull a lever, punch a hole, or fill in a circle on Election Day to oust Obama. I predict voter turnout on the conservative side of the leger will be the largest in history. There is a pent up frustration and longing for change that will be realized if the conservative voter has the opportunity to do so.

If you compare this “shopping” for a candidate with your personal shopping habits it is much the same in comparison to the way you shop when you are buying a diamond engagement ring and something for the evening meal. The attention and discrimination you use to buy the perfect diamond shows a much more important purchase than choosing pizza or hamburger. This election has the voters shopping for a diamond ring. It is an extremely important “purchase.” This election is not a casual meal of pizza or hamburger. A choice for dinner that will have little impact on our life.

So as the pundits try to sort out what is happening in the electorate it is painfully obvious to us here in the electorate. We are going to defeat Obama any which way because this is the most important election in our lifetime. We are “buying” the diamond ring in the GOP primary. But in the end it will be a massive turnout for anybody but Obama.

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