Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When Will Our Politicians Finally Stand Up For America?

When they are forced to is the answer. Unfortunately, Democrats and Republicans alike are not standing up for America’s long term interests; they are protecting short term and current interests of self serving groups and corporate entities.

This administration and congress refuses to assess what has happened under our so called “free” trade policies. Manufacturing goods has been outsourced to wherever the labor is cheaper, no matter what the impact on America or Americans. Don’t get me wrong, I am a free trade advocate but only when it is fair, and has no national security implications. Outsourcing our military manufacturing to China for example is national suicide in my opinion. Relying on foreign entities for food supplies and energy resources is national suicide in my opinion. Our entire set of trade policies need to be reevaluated to determine the impact they are having on America’s future viability and existence before extending them into the future.

I am unabashedly an American advocate and patriot. I am a nationalist first. I will never accept any “global” agreements that attempt to undermine American sovereignty or our constitution. I am proud of what we do as a nation on the world stage, and I pity those that believe we are anything but a moral nation at our core. I believe the American culture is the best hope for the future of our world. I do not believe we need to force our culture on anyone but we damn well need to protect, honor, and fight for all that is American. We need to fight for our constitution, our citizens, our borders, our language, our religious foundation, our capitalist economic system, and our nation’s future.

It is time to be proud again and that starts by electing representatives that are unabashedly proud of America. We don’t need apologists, guilt ridden elitists; Harvard educated nim wits, or career bureaucrats running America. We need you and me. The people that make this country work. The people that have a moral compass and understand our true role in the world. We can teach the world to fish but we need to take back the pond. So get involved, get connected, and start engaging in the political process. For America’s future. Just a thought…

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