Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The political shell game is about to end…

Hillary recently proposed adding some huge number of police to the streets of America, similar to the proposal her husband used back in the 90’s. This is typical democratic thinking; treat the symptom not the cause.

The democrats continually undermine, the family, religious people, they encourage open borders that allow criminals from Mexico to pour into our cities, they want kids to be able to sue their parents for infringing on their “civil rights”, and at every chance they do their best to end the concept of personal responsibility.

So I ask this simple question; is it more cops we need, or fewer democrats (and many republicans) in congress undermining American values?

The answer is simple for me. The current politicians create the problems and then they promise to ride to the rescue to solve the same problems they created. It’s a political shell game that has been working for them for too many years but it is about to end. At least here in district 5 Colorado. Stay tuned…

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