Thursday, April 10, 2008

Going Nuts?

Sometimes when you read the headlines you get the feeling the world is going nuts! I check the Drudge Report in the morning to see what the topics of the day will be for talk radio. If you don’t follow every day you may not know that most news stories are generated by Drudge and what he puts on his website. And no matter what people say, the website is not bias. The stories are equally disturbing whether you are a conservative or liberal.

Whether it’s something you read that is happening around the world, or on the local street corner, the stories give you an impression of a movie, building up the chaos until finally there is a breaking point. It feels like we are at a breaking point. The middle east is a mess, China is a thug, the US is going broke, Russia is trying to go backwards toward communism, Mexico continues to export its poverty to us, as teenagers brutally beat each other up, and politicians do what they do; behave badly.

But in my personal circle of friends and family I see a different world. It is a world of people that care for the US, each other, and the world. They behave as humans should. They are productive and giving in their daily lives. They go to work, church, and volunteer. They make me proud to be associated with them.

My gut tells me this is a more realistic representation of the world. My gut tells me that the news on Drudge as a percentage of reality is small but it doesn’t make it any less disturbing. So I guess my thought is to continue to live they way we do, influence what we can, and ignore the news as much as possible. The world may seem like it is going nuts but for now, we are not. Let’s do our best to keep it that way. Just a thought…

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Anonymous said...

I must have looked at the Drudge Report the same day as you. China is on the upswing, Russia is close behind and the USA is lagging behind. Oops, I forgot India, they're moving up also. I, normally would stay optimistic but I do worry about our school systems, they are not doing a credible job & our politicians, who always do a lousy job trying to correct problems.