Monday, April 7, 2008

Three Children and You’re a Show Off?

This Washington Post article talks about the “stigma” associated with having more than 2 children. It discusses the absolute parental obsession with “stuff”. I really like the writer’s final conclusion but what really struck me was how off the mark we have gone when it comes to parenting and the family.

Family is about love and sharing each other with each other. We go through life together, create memories, laugh, cry, and fulfill each other’s spirits along the way. It is ultimately not about any of the stuff, even though a good education, and the occasional piano lesson is OK. We need to get back to some basics here. Let’s reduce the “stuff” and increase the love and the number of children we have because we want them to fill our houses with a sense of home.

Big families are not about being surrounded by stuff. Big families are about being surrounded by love. Just a thought…

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