Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Big Oil" being grilled by Congress…

Representative Ed Markey, congressman from Massachusetts is one of the members of a panel questioning the profits of “big oil”. My question is; what credentials does Ed Markey have in this arena, especially in light that he still lives with his mother? That’s right; Ed Markey is a bachelor that lives with his mom. No kidding. He has zilch experience in business, and he lives with his mother. This is the “quality” of representative we are sending to congress.

I propose we change the qualifications needed to be a congressman to include at least 10 years experience in the private sector. Outside a law firm would be preferred. Experience like running a bakery, sub shop, manufacturing plant, being a nurse, doctor, trash man, starting a company from scratch, running a McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, working on an assembly line, driving a truck, mowing a lawn, building homes, heck living on your own for a few years will do at this point.

Markey is a great example of why companies move offshore. Here he is grilling them on their profits which are about 8.5 cents per share after reinvesting billions into renewable and new resources. We are talking volume here and with little mention of the 15% in taxes per gallon that goes into the Federal coffers. Or the cost of environmental regulations. You here no discussion about reducing the taxes on a gallon of gas to give the consumer some relief??? Or the amount of money that investors holding 401K’s, some of it in “big oil”, reaping the rewards towards their retirement??? Where’s the love? Or the new scam of “carbon credits” being sold by Al Gore and the likes, to unsuspecting consumers. Talk about a scam that needs congressional oversight!

But again we are controlled by emotion not logic and analysis. But that’s what you get when you elect someone that still lives in his mom’s house instead of his own. It is an abuse of our House; Congress. Just a thought…

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You are right on point!!!