Monday, March 31, 2008

Is It Any Wonder?

Is it any wonder we are in the mess we find ourselves in? The Detroit Mayor is under indictment for lying under oath, the NY Governor is a sexual predator, and the presidential candidates are economic illiterates who consider the government the solution to everything from poverty to a bright retirement. We have Senators playing footsy in the men’s room, a president putting everything American up for the lowest bidder. We have the same politicians that created the mess saying they are the key to fixing the mess. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have citizens that believe healthcare should be “free”, but have no qualm about spending a hundred bucks a month on cable. Knowing that education is the key to success, we are still willing to allow unions and the government to put out a defective product with no consequences. The black community of America is still blaming everything on racism but ignores the breakdown of the family, the opportunity to get educated, and how teenage pregnancy perpetuates the cycle of poverty. We accept an open border policy that allows people to cross our border illegally, undermining or job market, stretching our healthcare and educational resources, and undermining our future unity as a melting pot nation a true immigration policy encourages.

We have criminals running our government, a citizenry that accepts failure from their representatives, and an attitude of entitlement because, I’m not sure but there are too many people that think their entitled to other people’s hard earned wealth.

We are a great nation of good people but where are they in government? We need true leadership, not the people currently holding office or the ones currently running for office. We need real reform and that means changing the current crop of politicians. We need you. We need you to step up and run. I know it seems hopeless but it’s not. But we need you.

Is it any wonder we are in this mess when we have so many good people sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to step up? We need you to step up; now…

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Anonymous said...

The good people of the USA need to stand up and be counted demanding results from their Congress people. All too often, they accept whatever their reps & the media tell them what's needed, not realizing that their hard earned money is paying for all the goodies they are being promised. Wake up America, & check out how your taxes are being spent.