Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where Has Critical Thinking Gone?

It is a failure of our education system that American children are growing with little critical thinking training, and more importantly, little or no constitutional training. Our schools are spending too many hours on feel good learning. Approaching curriculum from a position that highlights diversity, sensitivity, self esteem, and the world is a wonderful place, does a disservice to our kids when facing the real world.

What will happen as generations graduate ignorant of our founding principles, and the constitution that has delivered 230 years of successful self government? Will it be easier to be hood winked into socialism, populism, or any other ism, because we will have a large segment of our population unable to analyze or debate a subject with critical analysis? Case in point, Barrack Obama and all of his “positions”, Hillary Clinton and her attempt to socialize healthcare, and John McCain infringing on the first amendment with his campaign finance bill, are all examples of how easily people who can’t analyze a position, allow for changes that could undermine our way of life.

If we are going to mandate diversity in our schools, then let’s also mandate a real history course that teaches our founding principles with the pride and respect it deserves. Let us be proud of our nation again when we teach about it and its accomplishments. Let’s teach our kids about the constitution again in detail so we know how to defend it from her enemy’s at home and abroad. Just a thought…


Sheri said...

Do you think if Mrs. Obama would have had a class like you are talking about, she would have respected her country long before her husband was running for president?

Anonymous said...

Our school systems have gotten so far away from the basics needed to understand and empower the population re: their gov't.. The USA will only benefit when the populace realizes that they drive the engine that propels their gov't. forward.