Friday, March 14, 2008

Will we ever be colorblind?

In light of the new focus on Obama’s preacher’s words of division, will America and the world ever be colorblind? It breaks my heart to listen to this preacher fan the flames of racial hatred, blaming white America for the ills of black Americans. We can all make excuses, and I will never deny that there are racist people in positions of power, but to generalize that America is racist, and the reason for the world’s problems is flat out false.

Preacher’s that preach this message of victimization and division only provide excuses for individuals that need to look inward rather that outward for their station in life. America is the land of opportunity for all. It doesn’t discriminate against hard work and determination. Some are born to advantage but this country is full of examples of success from people of every race and ethnicity. What they have in common is a desire, passion, and a blind eye toward the victimhood mentality.

There are the Ted Kennedy’s of the world, but they are the exception not the rule. Obama needs to explain where he stands on the issue of racial opportunity, and whether he believes America is a force of good or evil in the world. His preacher is not running for president but between the comments he has made as a preacher, and his wife’s comment about never being proud of America until now, begs the question of where does Obama stand? Does he believe in victimhood for black America, or the opportunity for all American’s to be what they want to be? Is he colorblind or blinded by color? We need to know, and that is not racist. If he wants to be the president of all Americans, he can’t hide from these questions. Does he have a dream? Just a thought…

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