Friday, March 21, 2008

Thinking like a typical “white” person?

What did Obama mean by that comment? (Great commentary on Obama here) I consider myself a typical “white” person, although I don’t think about being white very much, and I know what I think about all Americans. I am color blind like Dr. King dreamed about. I have respect for all communities of Americans that share my values, hopes, and dreams. If you have read my book, My Life; Ignored! you know that my family was blessed with the support of my Dad’s co-workers (mostly black), at a time we needed it most. This experience and others, like attending a mostly Black and Hispanic High School, have shaped my feelings on race relations.

So when Obama makes a blanket statement about all whites, I am extremely offended. This comment puts him in the company of race baiters, similar to the Sharpton’s, Jackson’s, and Farrakhan’s of the world. This kind of statement gives us a window into the soul of the candidate. He is not a uniter as he proclaims, his beliefs are rooted in a past time that continues to keep us from uniting as the human race, and as Americans in particular.

If he is going to continue to associate with the likes of his Reverend, and other extremists, he will lose the general election in a landslide because like most “white” Americans; I have a dream…

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. His association with his pastor will guarantee him not being president. In Forest Gump he says, "I'm not a smart man but I know what love is..." American's aren't always in tune to politics but "they know what racism is..." and BO's pastor is a racist and a presidential candidate cannot attend a church with a racist pastor and expect to be the next president.