Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What are their credentials?

There is talk about congress imposing new regulation on the financial markets to “insure” and bring “confidence” back to Wall Street. Who the he _ _ believes any one of the current politicians in office have an iota of intelligence to impose new regulations? There are regulations in place for most of the criminal activity that went on, for the rest of it; it is simply the inherent risk of playing the market. Send the people responsible for falsifying documents and loan applications straight to jail. Let the companies that were stupid enough to loan money to unqualified applicants to fail. We don’t need a bunch of misfit politicians getting their tentacles into our financial markets because if there is anything we can derive from their past “experience” with finances, is they are morons.

This article here talks about the programs (Social Security and Medicare) these politicians are directly responsible for, tinkering on the brink of financial ruin. This is their legacy, and they want to regulate the private sector? With what credentials? The lobbyists will write the new regulations, and does anyone think there will be an ounce of good that comes out of that? Give me a break!

We need to get rid of all the morons in both politics and business if we are going to thrive. Let’s not encourage the same people that have ruined Social Security and Medicare to do the same thing to the private markets. Let them focus on putting the crooks in jail that have created this mess (including themselves). That would be something that might have a positive impact on our markets; maybe. It is better than having them act in an area where they have no credentials at all. Just a thought…

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Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike. Everything these politicians touch somehow end up becoming more of a problem down the road.