Friday, November 12, 2010

America Deserves Better…

I am tired of being embarrassed by an incompetent president and administration. The G-20 summit highlighted the lack of respect other nations have toward us because they don’t have any confidence in America’s future based on the policies of this president.

We need to realize we have incompetence at the helm. It is important that our congressional leadership start to pass legislation that will at least send a message to the world that we are going to fix the fundamental flawed policies that this administration has put in motion. This will help reset the stage that America is poised for a comeback in 2012 with the right leader.
We need to ignore the latest commission reports on how to reduce deficits and go back to the only document we need to return to prosperity; our Constitution. We have unconstitutional programs that need to be eliminated and we need tax reductions at the federal level. We do not have a revenue problem; we have too many government programs that produce a spending problem. We need to put the economy back into the hands of the private sector. It will result in a return to constitutional government and a healthy return to market principles. The critics that continually malign the private wealth creators need to look at the massive corruption of government first, and when they have a solution for that, only then can we even entertain ideas that put faith in bureaucrats.

America is the best in the world because our constitution recognizes individuals and the private sector as the driving force of innovation and economic growth. This administration and its policies are stifling our growth with government largesse, and the federal government is permeating the economic landscape in even the most local decisions in our nation. There is already a lot of whining going on about government program cuts that have not even taken place yet. But we have a choice; rely on what has always made us great or watch a painful demise of the greatest nation to have ever been known to mankind. The people and corporations currently at the troth are going to have to survive without the help of the taxpayers. It is time to put taxpayers first and return faith in a private sector economy.

The Tea Party is going to hold the new representatives feet to the fire and we must be strong willed. We will hear the sob stories about the pain and suffering inflicted by the new “Draconian” cuts. The pain will be short lived in comparison to the permanent damage to our economy if nothing is done. People that want a socialist form of government have many options in Europe. The world doesn’t need another nation of ingrates and lay-abouts. We need to remain a beacon to people that actually want to work and take risks. That is what we are about.

Get ready and get involved even if getting involved is simply staying informed of what is really happening. The media will distort the truth because they will feel cornered as their power is stripped from them by reducing the good old boy club in Washington DC. The media is an ally to our demise and you will need to dig deeper into the issues and not rely on headlines.

We can be great again and we will be. But we must elect the people America deserves; constitutional protectors cut from the cloth of our founding fathers…

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