Monday, September 24, 2012

The Constitution Packs a ONE TWO Punch!

There is a reason the First Amendment of the Constitution is followed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution; brilliance! Our founders knew that human behavior was predictable based on past history, and that is why they developed a document to limit the behavior of well-intentioned but often mis-guided individuals to control American’s lives. And if they refused to live by the constitution the, people had the capacity to enforce or at least defend themselves against the most aggressive of them. The one two punch of the constitution!

The Middle East is in chaos and there is a pre-text that it is because we here in the west have this thing called a first amendment right to criticize people, things, and government without retribution. It works real well when your pursuit is freedom! Well freedom in the Islamic world is secondary to their religious beliefs. They cut off people’s heads for insulting their religious figures. So to say they have a propensity toward freedom is a lie. To say they have a propensity to chop people’s heads off is the truth.

There is a culture clash between Islam and America that cannot be overcome. You see Islam is not simply a religion, it is Muslim’s culture, religion, laws, and political system all rolled into one. There is no separation of religious beliefs and civil law in Islam. You have to respect and abide by Islam or you die. Simple fact but not easy to implement in a country like America. Why? Because of the Second Amendment!

The terrorist radicals of the Middle East can rant and rave about our disrespect of their religion but you see we don’t have to listen to them. We have a constitution that allows us to say and believe what we want to. So if someone wants to believe in Islam they can but don’t expect to be able to implement the laws of Islam here. And if you try, I suspect the millions and millions of gun owners in this country will protect their right to not believe with their other right to bear the necessary arms to protect the First Amendment right; Brilliant! Can you say ONE – TWO punch!

This country is under assault from every angle including inside the current White House. Apologizing for our right to free speech is despicable. You don’t have to support every word or video that is spoken or created but you do have to support the right to do it here in America if you are a sworn defender of the constitution which every federal elected official is. The apologists of our constitutional rights have no place in our government.

So while the Middle East burns we shine in our defense of the greatest document ever created: our US Constitution! No apology necessary only thanks please!

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