Monday, April 29, 2013

Government Failure: The Cause of Chaos

Epic government failure is everywhere. So is the feeling of chaos. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and all welfare programs have been deemed unsustainable from every legitimate audit agency that has reviewed the programs. We have spent billions of dollars on a new federal agency to protect the homeland and we find out at the Boston Marathon that we were under a false sense of security. The threat is greater now than it was after 911. The reason is we have an administration that can’t call out terrorism or the people that are mostly responsible for the acts of terrorism.

The new healthcare bill that was passed in 2009 is bankrupting the country and ruining the efficiency of the greatest and most innovative healthcare industry in the world. Unemployment has been at record highs, but more importantly are the millions of people that have given up looking for work or applied for disability. That number has skyrocketed and is unsustainable. Never mind that it is bad for the individual psyche of the nation. We are printing money as if that is a solution when in fact it is adding to the problem of government gluttony.

We have “sustainable” energy companies funded by tax dollars with the only requirement to obtain capital for that business is being a political donor to the administration in power. Most have gone bankrupt after paying out millions in bonuses to the people that ran them (into the ground). Crony capitalism is undermining the legitimate and most effective economic system, capitalism, by painting all capitalism as corrupt. The truth is the government is the corrupt player along with willing accomplices, not capitalism as a system.

The Middle East is a powder keg of radical activity. The Islamic terrorists hate us more than ever even with this president’s na├»ve attempt to “soften” the rhetoric. Syria has crossed the red line set by the president and the consequences? Still waiting to see how far the president will move the red line back. Setting lines in the sand is never a good idea unless you intend to enforce them. The American people have no stomach for spilling blood and treasure in the Middle East so lines in the sand are just that.

The country has not seen this much depression in attitude and economy since Jimmy Carter in the 70’s. College grads move back home in the basements of their parents after accumulating thousands in education debt for a “Fill in the Blank” Studies Degree. There seems like no hope in sight for a better future. This is just the tip of the iceberg in a list of government failures that just keep adding up as fast as the national debt.

And the President plays another round of golf. God Bless America…

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It's a sad day we live in...