Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Equal Pay Can Only Happen By Force

The president is creating a “war on woman” mantra in an attempt to ignite some passion is his base. His base is deflated and the many in the middle that supported him no longer do which means a possible loss of the Senate in November. In order to again divide and conquer, he must do what he does best, demonize one group against another. The president is insinuating companies knowingly and intentionally pay women less than men. Is this true or a ploy?

It is a ploy. The numbers they use are generic and do not consider the most important factor; the same job! The numbers also fail to consider the industries men and women choose which are different. Men favor engineering, women favor teaching for example. Engineers make more than teachers.

If you calculate all full time working men and women, add up their salaries and divide by the number of men or women you get the difference the president is trying to exploit. For example: 3 men engineers make $125,000 and 3 women teachers make $50,000. The 3 men make 125K on average and the 3 women make $50K on average. The wage is different but nothing unfair about how they are paid. Women often take more time off and therefore turn down promotions to have more flexibility to take care of kids. It is a choice many families make and it happens to be that women tend to stay home more than men. So even when men and women are compared in a similar role or industry; there are always factors and differences that must be accounted for in the difference in wages.

The only way for everyone to make “equal” wages is through force. The employee/employer agreement in a job situation is as unique as every individual. We all bring a different skills and value to an organization even when we are in similar positions in a company. That is the private business between an employee and employer.

There are some exceptions like factory work where two people tighten the same bolt all day long and have similar productivity numbers. But these are rare cases anymore in America. We are a nation of intellectual workers that create value in a different way than the days of the factory.

The federal government already has discrimination laws in the workplace. It is not the role of the federal government to make outcomes equal. This is a political ploy that is transparent. This is about the only thing transparent about this administration and president.

This story will not last long because it highlights the economic and private industry ignorance of every democrat in Washington DC…

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