Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We all have a purpose and destiny…

I believe that God has a plan for each and every one of us. If you’re like me, we tend to think about our destiny and purpose when we engage in things outside our comfort zone. When we take on new challenges or take advantage of new opportunities it is normal to reflect on the purpose of our actions.

I have been thinking a lot about my purpose and destiny recently, mostly because of my choice to attempt to gain access to the ballot as a candidate for governor of Colorado. It is more than likely I will not gain access, because getting 1000 signatures in politics is not an easy task. But we continue to try. I am an executive at a start-up, and my supporters have full time jobs. We are simply determined to try to make a difference in a system we believe is broken. So as I contemplate the reason for my actions I am reflecting on the purpose of my action, and the impact on my destiny.

Has this been a waste of time if I don’t get the 1000 signatures? I know it is not because of the many great people I have met because of my efforts. I also know my kids have been watching closely and have become more knowledgeable about the state of our government, and why values and the constitution are so important. My son is running for class representative at school and maybe that is what comes from this effort; a son that becomes president? Only God knows at this point. My daughter Emily has shown interest in my efforts and I hope someday my efforts are an example for her to follow.

There are a number of people working to get signatures, and I am so blessed to have them. But my biggest concern is their disappointment if we don’t reach our goal. I will be OK because whatever happens is my destiny, I just hope they don’t consider this a failure, because getting involved and trying to make a difference is never a failure, it is a learning experience that has a lot of lessons to offer.

I have done many things in my life, and I will continue to follow the pursuits in life I believe to be my purpose, but what will the result be? Only God knows for now and that is OK with me.

I have faith that everything I choose to do is what I am supposed to do, and will make me a better person. If I am simply a role model for my kids, it is worth every moment. I am proud of everything I do, even though sometimes it is embarrassing to be out there all alone trying to make a difference.

There is something to be said about trying to make a difference. It will someday be clear when I have reached my destiny.

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Anonymous said...

Don't ever give up...we are all proud of you and what you are doing!