Monday, May 17, 2010

A New World Order Can Never Work…

The evidence that we should get out of the business of world agencies, currency, and debacles like the European Union are obvious to everyone, except the bureaucrats and elitists. Our founders had the formula for success, and it was no central world government, it was the individual.

It is so much easier to manage our own affairs than expect a global bureaucracy to determine when and with how much money we can retire. It is easy for individuals to provide for their own education, housing, healthcare, and all of life’s needs and luxuries, so why this seemingly passionate drive to global central “authorities”?

The United States is governed by the constitution which puts the power to govern with the individual, where we as individuals elect representatives temporarily to do so on our behalf. We have fifty individual republics that have constitutional authority to handle their own affairs.

When we decide we want change we change the elected representatives, we do so based on our interests. No one at the federal level is authorized to enter into any agreement that will take any power away from us at the state level. We can never succumb to a global body without violating the law of our land. Who will we hold accountable in a global body, and how?

What we must do at the state level is to reduce our funding to the federal government based on constitutionally authorized powers, and end the seemingly endless taking of our individual labor for unconstitutional purposes.

It is time to end the government’s drive to connect us with these unaccountable corrupt global bodies and re-focus on our country and re-affirming our constitutional principles. Companies and economic free markets should continue to do what makes economic sense for them but not with any guarantees from any government.

It is time to focus again on America. It is time to focus again on the individual. It is time again to throw out these elitists that believe global leadership is the answer. We have seen global leaderships impact on the individual, and it is destructive. We are currently seeing what you get when you allow elitist globalists to run things; chaos…

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