Monday, June 7, 2010

Bribes, Bribes, and Lies…

The president will bribe senior citizens again with a conveniently timed “campaign” to sell a very unpopular healthcare program that was passed with an unprecedented list of bribes, and even more lies. He is sending $250 checks to seniors on Medicare to bribe people to accept this program that is actually bankrupt because if we are honest, the entire federal government is truly bankrupt. The definition of bankruptcy; someone who has insufficient assets to cover their debts. If not for the power to print money, no one in their right mind would invest in our bonds today.

We have one trillion four hundred billion more debt then we have in Tax Revenue (assets). The federal government is borrowing and using our credit and their power to tax us to cover this debt but that is the big lie. We as a people are not willing to pay more for the debt being created and the truth is we as a people want the spending cut. Sending $250 checks to seniors with this kind of debt will outrage everyone including seniors because we are all onto the federal governments biggest of lies; that we can spend our way into prosperity.

I believe this administration is creating the chaos necessary to break even more laws to institute more powers that the people don’t want. We are at the most critical turning point in our history since the civil war. We are being lied to and bribed to go along with unconstitutional programs, and unsustainable welfare programs designed to buy votes and power.

We need to be aware that any bribe you are offered by the federal government is unconstitutional but more importantly a nail in the coffin of freedom and our republic. How long before we have to actually claim bankruptcy? And then what will that bribe be worth?

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