Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank you for your support!

For the past eight months or so I have been an unaffiliated candidate for Governor of Colorado. I will be officially ending my effort and will be off the Secretary of State’s candidate list once I find time to do the necessary paperwork to end the campaign. I learned a few lessons, validated some things I suspected, and now know what is needed to be a candidate in today’s political climate and culture.

I would like to thank all of you that worked on the petition drive and visited my Blog on a regular basis. I hope you continue to come back here as I change my focus to education rather than a political campaign. The Blog will take on current affairs from the perspective of the constitution. I don’t expect to change the world here but I want to do my part to keep the constitution in our political conversation as a nation. We have lost our way because we no longer utilize the constitution as our guide. Both political parties are guilty.

Lessons learned:

  • Political campaigns are a full time job which means if you are a an executive at a start-up firm building a business and jobs you will not have time to run for office. This is why we get the politicians we do, rich, retired, or living off the dole.
  • Politics is broken because we the people have stopped paying attention. The Tea Party movement is changing that but my prediction is that too will fade.
  • Money is the root of the evil in politics. I don’t care what anyone says politicians today spend most of their time cow towing to political donors and don’t stand on principle anymore.
  • Term limits now.
  • The two parties are both corrupt and self interested and we should continue all efforts to end the way our parties control the process.

  • People hate politics in general and suspect politicians have ulterior motives.
  • We are in big trouble because the people we need with real experience to run for government have too much sense to get into the cesspool we call politics.
  • The media is derelict in their duties to cover politics in a way that gives citizens a true picture of the political landscape. The media should be ashamed of themselves. They are lazy and part of the corruption.
  • Family always comes first.
What you need to know if you run for office:

  • You will be ignored by everyone but your friends and family. It will get lonely.
  • People will support you privately but most will not lift a finger to help until the bandwagon is rolling.
  • You can do one thing and one thing only; sell yourself and your campaign
  • The people that are in politics are mostly good people but the system is so broken it will frustrate you to no end.
  • Money is the root of evil in politics but it is the only way right now to make a difference. It is why most people hate politics.
I am off to educate now. I love teaching my kids about the constitution and anyone else that will listen. It is the key to our future and what we need to fix this nation. Always consider the constitution in every conversation about the government. Always ask; where is the government getting the authority to address this issue (put any issue here)? Show me the place in the constitution…

The constitution and our founders were given to us by God. Always remember without morality and law, we are the same as every two bit dictator and communist nation around the world. It is individual freedom and free markets that have made us the envy of the world not government. Capitalism is the greatest economic system in the world when we operate on moral grounds. Take away morality and every system fails. We must return to a government that was outlined in our founding documents.

The more government grows, the less free we are as individuals, the more bankrupt we become, and the closer we get to tyranny… Our founders knew how to fend this off with the framing of the constitution; now you can too…


Anonymous said...

Rich, we are proud of you and we look forward your educational blogs as always!

Anonymous said...

Richie, we are also extremely proud of you and the path you have chosen to follow. You may be disappointed in not reaching your final goal but I know you have influenced many who, have met you and read your blogs.

Rich said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Teach us, we are ready!