Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Love to Think

One of the most enjoyable activities of my day is taking time to think. I love to think about the ramifications of actions or ideas often promoted in articles. It can be in business or politics, but I find myself never, ever taking the information on face value. I know I’m not alone but I often wonder how many people actually look at the ramifications of policy.

For example: I look at the intentions of government welfare programs and I think to myself, do the results of the program match the original intent? Having grown up in NYC I have had a lot of exposure to the results of these programs. Section 8 housing was intended to provide housing for low income families. The result was the destruction of neighborhoods, gang violence, and too many people becoming prisoners within their own apartments. Welfare for poor families has led to the destruction of the family. You see, in order for woman to get welfare they can’t have a male in the house. They also receive additional benefits for having more children. The result is more single parent households with lots of latchkey kids running around without supervision in dilapidated apartment complexes.

The results of welfare have been the destruction of the inner city and especially the minority communities. There is no incentive to get off the program because the benefits package adds up to more than most people with the same education level can expect from full employment. So as I think about and observe the results I can’t help but wonder is there a better way?

Human behavior is easy to predict. It has not changed throughout the ages. You give people stuff and they become entitled. Teach and man to fish and you know what happens? People in America have been blessed with a system of government and an economic system that has produced wealth beyond any past historical comparisons. It has given us the luxury to be compassionate. We want to feel that we are doing something to help the less fortunate so we support any program that intends to help people. But the government is not the best distributor of this generosity. It is the local church or non-profit.

The intent of the new healthcare law was to insure everyone and make healthcare affordable. Who could argue with that? But the results are already being seen and if we look at the track record of other well intended government programs we can predict failure and the destruction of the best healthcare system in the world. All we have to do is think about it. The evidence that the government is not the answer is everywhere.

I love to think. I hope you do too…

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