Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This is Who I Am

I shut down my blog when I started to realize I may need to start searching for a new career. That is a different story for another day. I was advised that if people disagreed with my political arguments it could limit my opportunities to be hired. Makes sense I guess. I rarely talk politics at work but have opinions on politics that I believe are in line with why we are exceptional as a country. I want to help people understand why politics is important. I don’t want to demonize people but I have to call stupid, stupid, when it is stupid. For example, thinking that borrowing and printing money out of thin air is sound economic policy.

Most people are not “stupid” but they don’t think their political thoughts through. I am here to help make politics understandable for the casual observer of politics. Or maybe I just have to write my thoughts because that is who I am. I am a student of human behavior which is at the foundation of our constitution and success as a country. I must teach and write my opinions. If I lose a career opportunity because of my passion so be it.

So if you are interested in hiring me know this: I am a strategic thinker that believes politics is at the core of keeping our future secure. Politics impacts everything including business. I will not talk politics at work unless it is an environment that encourages it. But I will never remain silent when information is incorrect. I will be who I am and that means being a productive customer focused executive and political blogger.

I have felt something was missing in my life the past few months, and as I feverishly write this blog I now know what it is. I was holding back a piece of me that is what makes me tick in many ways. I have written hundreds of blog posts and articles, six books, three musical CD’s, and I now know that if I am not writing songs or blogs about politics, I am not being me. I must be honest with myself, and although I appreciate the advice to stay away from politics, it is not who I am.

So today I am beginning my blog after months of hiatus. It is part of who I am and I will not apologize for it. If the people that hire people don’t want to consider people that have a political opinion that is their choice. We live in a free country for now. But a note to those individuals: just because people don’t have a political blog or discuss politics doesn’t mean they aren’t political. They are just afraid to be labeled in a negative way.

Being political does not define a person into a certain category. It simply means they are engaged, and have a true passion to keep this exceptional country exceptional.  

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