Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit Reveals the Facts on Government Policies

·         Leadership: When you have a separatist Mayor (Young) people separate and take their productivity and wealth with them.

·         Taxes: When you raise them people flee.

·         Business: If you threaten them they will leave taking their jobs and tax base with them.

·         Unions: You can negotiate any contract you would like but taxpayers can decide to leave and not support the taxes needed to sustain the contracts.

·         Politics: You get the government you vote for and voting for democratic rule for over 40 straight years gets you bankruptcy.

·         Education: If you can’t read you should not be allowed to graduate. If you graduate and you can’t read you probably will not find a job. It is especially true when you have chased the business community away (see above). Education is the door to opportunity and trusting the system to government and union’s guarantees failure.

·         Crime: It must be punished or it thrives. It is the cancer of all inner cities. Justice must be blind and corrupt cops must be punished. Corrupt politicians are a cancer and must be prosecuted without exception.

·         Race: When the government focuses policy on race that race suffers. Race relations improve as economic status improves. Unless you put a fence around a city people of all races will leave based on their improved economic status if the above conditions are present.

Detroit is a preview of this nation’s future and it is being promoted by liberal democrats. Will they learn the lessons of Detroit and change their policies?

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