Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Road Back for Detroit

Note to the NY Times: Detroit ran out of other people’s money. They deserved the government they kept electing. Detroit should serve as a lesson to our youth for future elections. If the numbers don’t add up you just can’t ignore them. People need incentives to work, not another government handout… Detroit is a sad case but predictable and it is just the beginning. The root cause of Detroit’s demise is present in most major cities in this country. Washington DC is doing the same at the national level. It is inevitable if we keep ignoring the facts. It is time to re-introduce the principles of the American Dream… A good education, hard work, and personal responsibility, makes for a good life and a prosperous nation…

It is so easy for people that are driven by emotion rather than facts to opine on the Detroit situation and pity the people living in Detroit. Pity is not what the people of Detroit need. What the people of Detroit need is the spirit and drive to improve their situation. Instead of focusing on the pension plans that were pie in the sky promises from politicians, they should be focused on improving the fundamental conditions that attract people to live in a city.

The city of Detroit has a branding problem. When people around the country hear the word Detroit they think of the once great mega of new cars, crime, bloated unions, filthy and broken down homes, and people that have no interest in improving their own living conditions. Why would anyone want to move to Detroit? Is the future so hopeless that Detroit will remain a third world environment in the former fourth largest city in the United States?

How do you re-vitalize a people and a city? The first thing is the people that live there must want to change the conditions they live in. The second thing is that the city must be perceived and truly be a safe place to be. Crime cannot be tolerated but this will take some time and will need to be proven to the outsider looking in. In the meantime efforts should be made to clean up neighborhoods, refurbish buildings and homes, and people should begin opening up businesses to support their fellow residents.

Once it appears that the people of Detroit are working on improving their own conditions they can reach out to the country, and I am not talking about politicians, I am talking about civic and church groups, to ask for a helping hand. The people of this great nation will be happy to help people that want and need the help. Habitat for Humanity, and other groups would flock to a people truly contrite in their efforts to make a better life.

The one thing Detroit does not need is a bailout. A bailout would be a reward for bad behavior. Using other people’s money and work ethic is what put Detroit into bankruptcy. The most difficult part of this plan is the effort it will take to change the attitude of the city from victim to victor. I don’t have a lot of faith any of this will take place in Detroit. They have been coddled for too long.

I do wish the people of Detroit the best of luck if they choose to be victorious…

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