Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering and Reminding…

Today is the 12th year to the day of the attack on America by Islamic terrorists. That day is etched in the minds of most Americans, and almost everyone can tell you where they were, and how they felt that day. Most of us (including me) knew somebody who was a victim of the attack. We spend this day remembering the people who died and the people that heroically saved countless others from death.

But where are the reminders? The national media is very reluctant to show the towers on that day as they were struck and later crumbled to the ground. Every time I see those towers get struck by the planes and every time I see the towers crumble I am reminded of the importance of never forgetting there are still terrorists out there determined to kill us. Islamic terrorists hate what America stands for and would like nothing more than repeating the kind of attack that happened on 9/11/2001.

Why do we rarely see the images of this day? Why if they do show the footage is it done so rarely? It should be played over and over as a reminder of why we remember. Islam is a danger to this country and it is politically incorrect to say so. But every American knows that it is Islam that is at the root of the evil that happened that day. It is not a small radical sect of Islam, but rather a very large and organized group as seen in every Middle Eastern country currently in flames. Until Islam goes through a reformation or the people who defend Islam as a religion of “peace” speak out and condemn these terrorists, then Americans will remain suspicious and on guard against Islam.

In order to remember, remind, and survive, we must embrace the truth of the matter, view the images, and call the perpetrators for who they are and represent. That is the only way our future can be secured. We can’t put our heads in the sand on what this religion professes to accomplish. Sharia law and Islam are not compatible with a constitutional republic. That is a fact the way the religion is currently practiced.

Today we honor our fallen and our heroes. Today we remind our fellow Americans about who and why this was done to us. Today we remember to stay diligent and honest about what we need to do to remain free and keep our enemies at bay. Today we profess the truth in honor of those who were taken so brutally from us for simply being American…

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