Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Federal Disconnect

The federal government is ruining the economy, undermining liberty and privacy, and now considering a military move to “punish’ Syria for using chemical weapons. Even when there is evidence that both sides in the civil war in Syria have chemical weapons, we are blaming one side over the other without knowing who actually used the weapon.

The American people have no interest in another war in another nation that hates our guts. When are we going to learn? What is it with Senator McCain, Graham, and now speaker Boehner, that they feel obligated to taking action? They are representatives of the people and only 9% support any action in Syria. Why the urgency? What is our interest? How will a couple of American missile strikes “punish” anyone for using chemical weapons? Needless to say, both of the factions in Syria are our enemies.

We have lost the connection of our representative republic. The Constitution is being trampled at every turn and no one in the government is listening to the people they are representing. The circumstances we find ourselves in are the exact reason the founders created a limited federal government.

It is time to reinstate our federal limits. Mark Levin’s new book the Liberty Amendments is correct in suggesting there is no way we can count on the federal behemoth to reform itself.  We must take control and reinforce the US Constitution by adding amendments that will codify any ambiguity of the founder’s intent. Like a balanced budget, limits on federal spending and printing money, term limits, and a number of other limits needed to get us back on a path of constitutional republic values.

The federal government has been too large for too long and the time is now to rein it in. These representatives will not vote for anything that will limit their power. They have been consumed by the self-indulgent importance in the “club” they have created in Washington DC. They need to be reminded who they work for and what their role is.

We need to reconnect in the political process to awaken the federal government to a renewed constitutional republic…

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