Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Liberty Amendments: It is Time!

I am an avid Mark Levin listener and supporter. I wanted to make that perfectly clear as I discuss his new book which is really a call to action, “The Liberty Amendments.”

I have been reading books about the history and founding of our country for many years now. I believe that reading the Constitution is important but understanding the context of when and why it was written is as important, if not more important, for a true understanding of the intent of our founders. I wish this book had come out sooner because in encapsulates everything I have read to date that has provided me with the knowledge to argue the intent of the Constitution. It would have saved me a lot of reading! I am only half kidding because I do love reading our history, but for those of you that find history a chore, you now have the perfect alternative.

Mark has taken what so many true constitutional conservatives have been thinking and has given us a plan to rally around for the sake of saving our future in the Liberty Amendments. My brother and I do a little known Blog Talk Radio program called “Hand’s On Politics” and this book is going to be a feature item during our shows to help Mark rally the troops. The beauty of it is Mark has created an easy read and the book is only a few hundred pages. You will not want to put it down if you love this country.

Mark is too humble when he talks about the book as being a “conversation starter.” It is a book that is going to create a constitutional movement stemming from the grass roots where it belongs. To think that the federal government will ever reign itself in is a fool’s hope. As Mark lays it out in plain words and plenty of supporting facts and statistics, we the people need to take back control through the amendment process laid out so prophetically in Article V of the Constitution. It must start in our state legislatures where we can have a true impact as individuals, and for the purpose of rebalancing the power between the states and her “baby” the federal government.

The amendments are an excellent foundation to restore the Founder’s intent. He starts with the Balanced Budget Amendment which is supported by overwhelming numbers of the citizenry and would be the perfect way to “test” out the process for those weary of a gathering to change our most cherished form of government, the Constitutional Republic. The Founders knew that someday the federal government would overstep its founding intent and provided the mechanism to take it back. The state initiated amendment process is also limited in scope to amending the constitution, and must be supported by 3/4ths of the state legislatures to become law. So there is a strong hurdle and impediment that will allow only the most needed and supported amendments to pass.

Mark has laid out the argument and path forward to get it done. I know the Founder’s would have been proud but they would have said, “What took you so long?” Although it may seem late in the process, politics often needs the right circumstances to whip people into action. The politicians in Washington have created the circumstances and Mark has provided the plan.

My only question is: “What are we waiting for?”

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