Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hand’s On Politics Blog Talk Radio Show is Back!

We’re back! My brother Ken and I are bringing back the extremely popular Blog Talk Radio show “Hand’s On Politics.”

We started this program to discuss the 2012 presidential election and try to communicate how bad the policies of President Obama were to the moral and economic health of this nation. Although thousands of people listened, the president was re-elected. Go figure? We tried and failed but we don’t flinch in the light of failure, we press on and will continue to discuss the political issues of the day and do our best to inform the “low information voter.”

As a constitutional “scholar” (I have read the Constitution more times than there are members of Congress), we discuss the issues from a founding context. We will apply economic theory (Ken is an economic “scholar” since he can balance a checkbook) in a way it is easy to understand. Ken will use really simple examples that even I can understand. We will discuss the responsibility of the media in a free society. The NSA and the 4th amendment (I think we scared away our “low information listeners” already!), and so many other issues of the day.

We will make fun of liberal policies and spoof their results compared to intent. We will be as funny as we can in light of the topic and introduce “characters” like “Richie Bag – O – Donuts” (that’s me doing my best Bronx impressions & Kenny will play the angry, uninformed, full of confidence in what he doesn’t know lefty). We will take the issues of the day and put our spin on them.

We are going to take on some guests but only people we believe are worth listening to like Professor Walter E. Williams (listen here). We will also dig into Mark Levin’s new book “The Liberty Amendments” and Mark if he wants to join us.  We will do our best to support Mark’s efforts with this ambitious project!

Talk shows are a dime a dozen but we have discounted ours to reflect our originality and popularity to a penny for your thoughts.

To our Facebook friends: no need to worry all political discussion will be discussed on the Hand’s On Politics Page. Phew! Collective sigh! Please join our page if so inclined…

The show can be heard Wednesday evenings from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Eastern.

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